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Our Reputation Is Based In Delivering Results

At Taggart Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC, we understand that our reputation depends on getting results for our clients. Following are some of our top criminal case results.

Criminal Case Top Results

4 felony drug charges – potential max of 80 years

Result:  Pre-trial Intervention (non-adjudication) on one charge; remaining 3 charges not prosecuted

Client charged in 4 separate incidents with Domestic Violence, Violation of Domestic Protection Order, Cyberstalking and Trespassing.

Result:  All 4 charges remanded/dismissed

DUI/Meth causing wreck

Result:  Non-adjudication

Simple Assault

Result: Client’s charge dismissed with alleged victim paying client’s attorney’s fee and court costs

Aggravated Assault (felony)

Result:  Reduced to Simple Assault and Non-adjudicated

Restoration of Rights

Result:  Firearms rights restored (Certificate of Rehabilitation) to person previously convicted of Robbery.


Felony Drug Possession

Result:   Reduced to misdemeanor possession, non-adjudicated/dismissed and arrest expunged.

Federal Felony charge

Result:  Client sentenced to probation on downward departure from federal guideline range, with federal judge stating that our Sentencing Memorandum was among the best he had ever read.

Federal Felony Charge

Result:  Case dismissed at detention (bond) hearing and client ordered released immediately.

*** Multiple misdemeanors resolved with phone call without our client having to appear in court

*** Numerous DUIs non-adjudicated

*** Numerous misdemeanors dismissed

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